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What Is Welltex®?

Welltex® is a therapeutic fabric for humans, horses, and dogs which increases the micro circulation of the blood and oxygen delivery when worn against the skin. Welltex® is part of the “functional fabric” revolution taking place in the textile industry. Users report reduced chronic pain levels, shortened healing times, and a reduction in muscle and joint injuries when using Welltex® products as a warm up/cool down tool when used in a competitive environment.

How Does Welltex® Work?

A body produces energy which cannot be seen but can be felt as body heat or Infrared energy invisible to the naked eye. Normally this energy is released from the body into the atmosphere. When a Welltex® product is used, this energy is absorbed by the ceramic minerals in the fabric’s thread and translated back to the body as Far Infrared energy waves. 
The arrival of this Far Infrared energy triggers a signal in the brain telling it that heat energy has increased. The brain responds by dilating the body’s veins. The energy absorption happens not only in the skin but also deeper down in the tissue, which makes the body’s veins dilate not only superficially but also deeper in muscles and around joints. Increased micro blood circulation results in increased oxygen delivery (among other things) which is a key physiological driver in the bodies response to relieve muscle tension and strengthen its ability to reduce inflammation and heal injuries.

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