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BOT Royal Quick Wrap.jpg

Royal Quick Wraps

The strong fastening straps make it quick and easy to achieve optimal fit around the leg, without overtightening and damaging tendons or constricting circulation. This latest version of our popular model features a redesign of the original shape, ensuring it sits perfectly around the fetlock and down to the coronet. The soft wrap has an extra thick neoprene outer layer.

Available in Small, Medium, and Large

BOT Royal Hock Boots.jpg

Royal Hock Boots

Back on Track® has created a unique Hock Boot design, which incorporates a Welltex™ pad within a neoprene casing. The self fastening closure mechanism and specific sewing techniques used in the manufacture, have been developed to eliminate the possibility of the boot slippage. This close fitting boot increases the therapeutic effect of our Welltex functional fabric, as it comes into direct contact with the horse’s hock joint.

Available in sizes Small-XLarge

BOT Knee Boots.jpg

Knee Boots

Knee Boots are ideal for prevention or recovery of injury in the tough-to-wrap knee area. Consisting of a neoprene exterior, the interior of the boot is infused with our state-of-the-art Welltex® fabric, which contains ceramic powder. The ceramic reflects your horse’s natural body warmth and creates a soothing FAR infrared thermal response. Contoured to the shape of the knee, the boot fastens with straps allowing you to easily adjust the fit. When using these boots, it helps to use standing wraps to prevent them from sliding down.

Available in sizes Small-XLarge

No Bows

The No Bow gives your horse’s leg support, while promoting circulation to prevent the leg from filling with fluid, commonly called stocking up. This type of application can be used if a horse tends to stock up while standing still, especially after working. The No Bow features sewn-thru channels which are easier to apply and have much softer edges. This type of construction avoids the problem of the fabric bunching into ridges, which in turn reduces the risk of causing bandage bows or bowed tendons.

Available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large

BOT Bell Botos.jpg

Royal Protection Bell Boots

Back on Track® Royal Protection Bell Boots, have an outer shell manufactured from a composite reinforced with a Kevlar-like material, which is lined with the revolutionary Welltex® ceramic infused fabric, providing soothing, pain relieving FAR infrared therapy. The material distributes the force of a stroke, while the strengthening helps to stop a horseshoe from crushing the boot and injuring the horse. Plus, they have a special elevation inside, which fits into the horses' pastern to prevent the boot from twisting around.

Royal Tendon Boots

Back on Track® Royal Tendon Boots not only provides soothing, pain relieving FAR infrared therapy, they offer essential protection for foreleg tendons, which is particularly important during high energy activities (show jumping, for example) when the hind foot can extend forward, strike and damage the tendon on the front leg. The Royal Tendon Boots combine a hardwearing, nylon laminated TPU outer casing with a thick, soft neoprene inner (perforated for extra ventilation/air flow) and lined with the revolutionary Welltex®™ ceramic infused fabric. Designed for comfort and protection, the durable Royal Tendon Boots are easy to apply and the tough elastic straps & brass buckles ensure a secure fit. Their high density effectively distributes pressure and absorbs impact.

BOT Saddle Pad Liner.jpg

Western Saddle Pad Liner

The Back on Track Saddle Pads are known to help improve your horse’s overall balance and movement. Many top riders experience much better suppleness through the back and also an increase in responsiveness. Top riders worldwide use the back on Track Saddle Pad and remark on how much it improves their horses’ movement. Made of polypropylene and our state-of-the-art Welltex fabric, which is infused with ceramic powder. Tired or sore back muscles experience relief from the benefits of the Far Infrared Therapy, increasing blood flow which helps relieve muscle tension and pain. Wonderful for horses with cold or sore backs.

BOT Jumping Pad.jpg

Jumping Saddle Pad

The Back on Track® # 1 Jumper Saddle Pad is Swedish designed to tailor fit your horse’s shapely back and provide wither reliefand protection while using your horses own body energy to promote circulation.

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