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Prof Choice Fly Sheet 2.jpg

Professional's Choice Fly Sheet

The polyester Rip-Stop technology makes this fly sheet the most durable on the market

Fly Mask-PC Ears.jpg

With Ears

Fly Mask-PC No Ears.jpg

Without Ears

Professional's Choice Fly Mask

Pony and Horse

With Ears

Without Ears

Fly Mask-Equisential No Ears.jpg

With Ears

Fly Mask-Equisential Ears.jpg

Without Ears

Equisential Fly Mask

With Ears
Without Ears

Comfort Fly Mask - Santiago.jpg
Fly Mask-Comfort Fit Purple.JPG
Fly Mask-Comfort Fit.JPG
Fly Mask-Comfort Fit Blue.jpg
Fly Mask-Comfort Fit Grey.jpg
Fly Mask-Comfort Fit Teal.JPG

Comfort Fit Lycra Fly Mask

Designed for comfort!
Smooth and stretchy lycra with binding around the edges allows for  the perfect fit!
Mesh eyes and ears allows for clear vision while keeping the bugs away.
Assorted colours, available in sizes:
Pony, Cob, Horse, Oversize
The items listed are ones that we regularly stock.
We may have more selection in store.
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