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5570 Hollow Loose Ring.jpg

Hollow Loose Ring Snaffle

Stainless steel, hollow mouth, loose ring snaffle

5" mouth, 3" rings

5242 Black Stainless Loose Ring.jpg

Black Steel Loose Ring Snaffle

Black steel snaffle with 5" mouthpiece and 3" rings

5440 Sweet Iron Loose Ring.jpg

Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle

5" sweet iron mouthpiece with copper inlay, + stainless steel rings

5534 Loose Ring Twisted Wire.jpg

Twisted Wire Snaffle

5" copper mouthpiece twisted wire snaffle, 3" stainless steel rings

Copper Loose Ring 25-1811.png

Copper Loose Ring Snaffle

3" stainless steel rings, with 5" copper mouthpiece 

5568 Dee Bit.jpg

Stainless Steel Racing Dee

5"stainless steel mouthpiece, 3" dees

5567 Racing Dee Copper.jpg

Stainless Steel Racing Dee

5"solid copper mouthpiece, 3" dees

5562 Dee Dogbone Roller.jpg

Stainless Steel Dee with Copper Rollers

5" Stainless Steel Snaffle with 3" Dee's 

5252 Dee Copper Inlay.jpg

Sweet Iron Dee Ring

Sweet Iron Mouth, 3" Dee's


Stainless Steel Twisted Wire

5" Smooth and Squared Twist Wire Mouth.

2 1/2" Rings

5472 Roller Dee.jpg

Stainless Steel Racing Dee

Stainless Steel and Copper Mouth

5550 Colt Bit.jpg

Stainless Steel Colt Bit

5" Mouth 7" Swivel Cheeks 


Western Rawhide #5550

5550 Colt Bit.jpg

Stainless Steel Colt Bit

5" Mouth 7" Swivel Cheeks 


Western Rawhide #5550

5525 Eggbut.jpg

Eggbutt Snaffle

5" stainless steel, thin jointed mouthpiece with 2 3/4" flat rings

Western Rawhide #5525

5732 Full Cheek.jpg

Full Cheek Snaffle

5" stainless steel mouth, 6.5" swivel eggbutt cheeks

Western Rawhide #5732

855458 Kimberwick.jpg


5" Stainless steel mouth, available in jointed or low port.

Western Rawhide #5720

Floral Snaffle

5" Sweet iron mouth, with copper inlays

7.5" medium shank

Western Rawhide #5689

Wonder Gag

Sweet iron mouth available in 4.5" + 5"

Weaver #25-5760

Brittany Pozzi Combination Bit

5.5" smooth snaffle mouthpiece, with rope nose

Professionals Choice 

Correction Bits

Brushed Correction Bit

5" sweet iron mouthpiece with copper barrels

7.25" medium shank with engraving

Western Rawhide #5500

Training/Correction Bit

Stainless steel 5" mouth

7.5" shanks

Features Metalabs 'Robart Pinchless Bit System'

Western Rawhide #5195

Curb Bit

Medium port curb, available with 5" copper, stainless steel, or steel with copper roller mouthpieces.

Weaver #25-5803



We carry a variety of rawhide bosals in varying widths + colours, as well as hangers + mecates.

Brands include True North Tack + Western Rawhide.


We carry long shank + short shank hackamores, with a variety of noseband options.

Western Rawhide

Check out our complete inventory of bits + accessories in store.

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